If you’re tired of the expected engineered music and more into some unexpected sounds, you’ll love jazz evenings in August in the picturesque town of Grožnjan. We’ve had many a lovely night dining outside at Bastia restaurant and listening to live music.  In case you feel like staying there overnight, no worries. We built a hilltop villa right in the immediate vicinity.

We love music at The Melegran.
The rooms are decked with bluetooth speakers which you can link to your favourite music provider.

Check out our playlists on Spotify:

  • The Melegran: Afternoon Delight (more expresso than expresso martini)
  • The Melegran: Swinging Chic (the great Gatsby but reincarnated)
  • The Melegran: Gunslinger Cool (Dirty Harry opens a speakeasy)
  • The Melegran: We Got The Funk (James Brown and his acolytes baby!)
  • The Melegran: Deep House (‘nuff said)

Come down for a drink at the bar for an infusion of tunes.

At the end of June, Rovinj throws a fun … but not exactly traditionally Istrian … Salsa Party! It runs for a week at the end of June/beginning of July. Bring your swinging hips to The Melegran in the heart of the action.