UNDO bad tastes & DO wine tasting

Thanks to the perfect climate and at least four types of soil, Istria is home to a diverse range of exciting wines. Each is curated by more than 100 charming wineries, nestled amongst the region’s green hills.
Our suggestion is to hit the countryside for a day out, go winery hopping and do lunch. You’ll be back in time for a late afternoon swim...

Vineyards we recommend include: Kabola, Kozlović, Benvenuti and Roxanich. The owners of The Melegran love taking in lunch next to the vineyards at the “konobas” of Stari Podrum or Rino. We can help you book.

Our staff can help you plan a perfect winery day trip. You can drive yourself, or, if you’d like to be driven, book with us for a relaxed day out.

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UNDO negativity & DO wellness

Let us show you woodland paths just beyond Rovinj’s marina, where you can UNDO any clutter in your mind and DO being present in the now. We can organise a light run and TRX or stretching and breathing exercises for you in tranquil spaces, where the healing scents of pine trees mix with fresh, sea air.

Our hotel bikes let you wander on your own to discover secluded beach havens.
If in need of a massage, we have a lovely masseuse that we work with. We can book a massage for you in your room or in our separate lounge area.
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UNDO bad food & DO try Istrian cuisine

Rovinj’s old town boasts a Michelin Star restaurant in Monte. Our favourite places in Rovinj’s old town also include Puntulina, Santa Croce, Giannino, Ulika and Balbi.
Our friendly staff can make you a reservation and try to give directions so you don’t get lost in the cobbled maze of Rovinj’s old town!
A little way outside Rovinj, close to the town of Bale, is the hotel and winery Meneghetti, which offers lunch in tranquil, countryside surrounds.
Further afield, closer to the town of Pula, is Batelina in Banjole where chef David Skoko prepares delicious fish and seafood, based on the catch of the day. Alla Beccaccia (Fažana), in a rural setting, is also a wonderful culinary experience. From Rovinj the drive is 35 min.
Our favourite restaurants set amidst the wineries are Stari Podrum and Rino.
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UNDO thirst & DO try fine drinks

Try one of our smoothies with fruit freshly sourced from the local market. Head downstairs and we’ll whip one up for you. Or channel your inner Brat Pack in our speakeasy bar by supping on one of our signature Melegran cocktails. For a cocktail with the Adriatic lapping at your feet, we love a bar in the old town owned by a friend of ours – Mediterraneo Secret Escape Bar. Ask us for directions!

Looking for help on trying the local Istrian wines?

Here are some tips:

The malvazia grape is local to the region and produces fresh, crisp wines. You can’t go too far wrong with a malvazia from the vineyards of Benvenuti, Kozlović or Dešković.

A merlot from the houses of Radovan, Kabola or Roxanich will serve you well. Try the Cabernet Sauvignon from Kabola. For a eclectic blend that packs a punch, we recommend the “super Istrian” from Roxanich.

UNDO city hassle & DO island hopping

A great half-day or day out is to explore Rovinj’s coastline by speed boat, giving you the freedom to explore several islands and coves or the Limski canal (fjord). Snap that “postcard” shot of Rovinj as you cruise back into the old port. Take a picnic with you, or, for a leisurely lunch, you can always sidle up to the jetty leading to restaurant Blu overlooking the Adriatic.

Another option is to take the public ferry over to St. Katerina Island or the Red Island. Both have great playgrounds and beaches for families, as well as hotel restaurants for lunch.

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UNDO boredom & DO fun things

Rovinj throws a fun... but not exactly traditionally Istrian... Salsa Party!
It runs for a week at the end of June/beginning of July. Bring your swinging hips to The Melegran in the heart of the action.

If you’re into some unexpected sounds, you’ll love jazz evenings in mid to late July in the picturesque town of Grožnjan. We’ve had many a lovely night dining outside at Bastia restaurant and listening to live music. In case you feel like staying there overnight, we've got you covered. We built a hilltop villa right in the immediate vicinity.
We love music at The Melegran. The rooms are decked with Bluetooth speakers which you can link to your favourite music provider. Check our hotel playlists on Spotify by clicking the link below... Or simply come down for a drink at the bar where we are playing them!